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about 5 years ago

Reminder: IoTHackDay Meet & Greet this Thursday!

Greetings IoTHackDay Participants!

IoTHackDay is coming up fast on October 27th!

Just a quick reminder - we have a Meet & Greet / Team Formation this Thursday which is going to be a lot of fun:

  • Meet & Greet / Team Formation event this Thursday, Oct 18th at Vandalia Tower. We will be looking for people who are both on a team to share their project AND those looking to join a team to attend. 
  • This is a great, low-effort way to get people to come, demonstrate or just talk about what you have going on with your project, and build your team.
  • Check out this post from Ken Chang from IoTHackDay 2015 with some great tips on getting people to join your team and come to attend the IoT hackathon.

Use #iothackday on social media to remind people that there are $5000 in cash prizes this year, send interested folks over to IoTHackday.MN to create or join a team.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

Questions on a Specific Team or Hackathoners?

If you have questions about specific teams, post on that team's profile within the submission forum.