Create IoT Products, Make Friends, Build Startups and Have Fun!

Saturday, October 27th, 2018. 8am-8pm, Free to participate. All skill sets are welcome for our 5th annual IoT Hackday event!

IoTHackDay is Minnesota’s annual hack day for inventors and hobbyists working on the Internet of Things!

No matter fun or functional, IoTHackDay is a great place to build a product. Teams work toward three prizes - a prize for business viability, a prize for creativity, and an audience choice award. Teams will work from 8am-7pm, then the event will open to the public at the end of the night for voting. There’s also a separate, educational activity for kids and teens to learn how to program lights for costumes!

Lunch and dinner are provided.

IoTHackDay is run a little differently from most hackathons. Since we depend on building a physical device that connects to the web and there are only 12 hours to participate, more planning is often needed. If you have an idea, we recommend you submit it to Devpost beforehand so people who are attending can decide if they’d be a good match with your idea. It’s also highly recommended you research what you may need ahead of time so you can come to the hackday with appropriate tools, hardware, and expectations.

If you are planning on participating by helping with someone else’s idea, please review idea submissions and sign up for a team. Feel free to reach out to the idea submitter to let them know what you can help with.

If you plan on participating in any capacity and want to start organizing a team or learn more, we have a meet and greet / team formation meetup happening October 18th! See more information on the Meetup page here:

You are allowed to do some work before the hackday - usually setting up the physical part of a project. However - you will be required to disclose this to the judges. We want to see a working product, but we want a big part of it to be built at the hackathon! 

If you’re an entrepreneur with an idea for a hardware product, IoTHackDay is a good first step. Community members and companies come together to help build an idea out. A couple of our judges will be from this category, and will be great people to talk to about what to do after the hackathon.

If you’re a creative individual or just want to build an idea out for fun, IoTHackDay has a category for you too! Hobbyists and the maker community have some great, fun ideas and we want to see those projects as well.

If you’re a kid or teen or interested in an activity for your kid or teen, see the Eventbrite page for more information about that part of this event:

If you can’t attend the hackathon but want to see what people built, come to the audience join in at 7pm, where you can listen to the teams pitch their ideas, see demos, and vote on your favorite. We ask that you please register for free as a public voting attendee. Free drinks and snacks provided! 

Interested in sponsoring? We would love to hear from you! Find out about sponsorship by contacting us at

Interested in volunteering? That would be awesome and appreciated! If you know of someone who wants to be a part of the event but doesn't plan to hack, please message us so that we can share details, and get them scheduled for a shift.

This year's IoTHackDay is going to be great! We encourage you to share photos and tweet your progress under the hashtag #IoTHackDay on our page @IoTHackDay throughout the event. It will also rev up the public who will be voting on your projects.

Previous Examples

Here are some previous examples of projects that teams have built at our past IoT hackathons:

- Shades and blinds that would raise/lower/pull/retract by the user's command or by time/light level

blinds with controller attached to raise and lower

Curtain with controller to make it move left and right 

- A first time hackathon group (Team Hello World!) created a internet connected water contoller for keeping your puppy hydrated

A jug with water is on a table, a pipe with a flow regulator connected to a controller is attached

- An internet monitored mousetrap that would alert if a trap has been triggered


- Several internet connected toys

   Some plastic toys next to a plastic pot with sensors and wires attached A stuffed animal with wires coming out of the back

A lap sized controller with various buttons and wires sticking out of it. There are a few displays. The buttons list various commands.

- A portable, internet connected jukebox backpack

A rectangle of lights surrounds a backpack. There are two circles on the side that are speakers.

- An internet connected record player

A record player sits, wires coming out of the side that are connected to various electronics


For even more examples of past submissions, see articles about previous years:

2015 Recap (

2016 Videos (

2017 Recap (

Do You Have Any Videos From Past Events?

Sure, check them out below!  Courtesey of Digi International.

Drone Enabled Home Security

Internet of Trees


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How to enter

At the top of this page on the right is a button that will allow you to create a submission to this hackathon. After you've created one, the button will be both to edit your existing submission or submit another idea. Just fill out as much information as you have, and don't be afraid to write "TODO" in a required field to fill out later. 


Judges will be announced soon!

Judges will be announced soon!

Judging Criteria

  • For the Best IoT Business Product Prize
    Viability, originality. The business prize will focus on solving a problem that can be marketed as a product.
  • For the Best Maker / Artistic Creation
    The criteria for this one is a bit more abstract. Can you make people interact with their environment, or express themselves in a new way? Can you help people learn about something new? Something else?
  • Amount Accomplished at the Hack Day
    There's many reasons some work will be done ahead of the hack day, but we really want to see what teams can accomplish in one day.