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about 5 years ago

Winner of First IoTHackDay (HabitAware, 2014) Wins Minnesota Cup

Greetings IoT Pioneers,

We wanted to send out a quick message to let you know that the first winner of IoTHackDay, HabitAware, which was from the 2014 IoTHackDay, just won the Minnesota Cup last night, which is Minnesota's largest and most prestigious startup event.

We would like to first off congratulate Aneela and Sameer, the founders of HabitAware, and of course all of the rest of the HabitAware team, and commend them on their years of hard work.  It takes an incredible amount of time, hard work and dedication to build a company.

Secondly, we hope that all of those interested in participating in the hackathon for the purposes of building a startup feel inspired by seeing this great achievement.  Follow your dreams!  Years ago HabitAware was just an idea - maybe your idea can build into something greater in the future as well.  There are many examples of people bringing their scrappy startup or business ideas to the hackathon and finding later success with it.  Our objective is to bring like minds together.

There are multiple prizes involved at IoTHackDay.  One of which is a business prize.  Make sure to check that out and read the rules if you are interested in applying your hackathon concept toward that prize.

But also keep in mind that there are other prizes as well - not everything has to be about business and making money!  There is an art prize, as well as a new "Promethean Prize," for the best project involving Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth tracking.

And of course, there's the crowd favorite prize.  Members of the public will come in and vote on their favorite.  If you know people who are interested in coming to vote and checking out the showcase, send them this link here.

All of the links and information can be found at

Please pass this information on, let other like minded people know - looking forward to seeing you there!



The IoT Fuse Team

Patrick, Justin, Daniel, Kristina, Jen, Eric & Jason.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.