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Promethean Prize -- EXTRA $1500 PRIZE

Hi all,
If you've read the rules, you may notice that there's an EXTRA $1500 in prize money from a special sponsor available to a team that:

1) Uses a Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth in some way
2) Open-sources their code by the end of the day

A couple of reminders:

1) Raspberry Pis are awesome! BUT you typically need a monitor, keyboard, MicroSD card, and wifi adapter to get them to work. Remember to bring this stuff! (I'll be sure to have an extra monitor and keyboard but I can only bring one.)

2) Minnetronix has a WPA2 (corporate-style) WiFi network. If you're using iwconfig to try to configure the network on your Raspberry Pi, this can get confusing and take a long time. I recommend either using NetworkManager, or pairing to a personal hotspot on your phone to save some setup time during the hackathon.

3) Setting up a Github repo and cloning it on your Raspberry Pi also takes some time. Perhaps do this step in advance as well.

4) If there are no teams or only one team that meet the criteria to win this prize, the organizers will use our discretion to figure out what to do :).


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    Update on the Promethean Prize rules:
    Using a Raspberry Pi is NECESSARY to win the prize.
    Open-Sourcing the code is NECESSARY to win the prize.
    Using Bluetooth is RECOMMENDED to win the prize, but we may select teams that did not use Bluetooth to win the prize (for example, if no one successfully uses Bluetooth, or a project just doesn't need Bluetooth to succeed).

    Maximum prize is $500 per person or $1500 per team. We may split the prize pool if there are 2 equally good projects in this category.

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